True Survivor is a unique apostolate – seeking to offer young man a vision of masculinity quite different to that presented by culture at large. Young men will explore the essential elements of wilderness survival (food, water, warmth, and shelter) with hands-on sessions, which is an also an opportunity to think about the essential elements of our spiritual life (our spiritual food the Eucharist, the living waters of prayer, the fire of God’s mercy, and the shelter of the Church).

True Survivor: Beyond the Wild is  open to young men aged 13 –18.

Our blog features some feedback from boys who went on the trip last time: it certainly made an impact upon them. shows what an impact our last trip had on the boys. Fr. Dylan James, a parish priest of the Plymouth Diocese and former chaplain to FOCUS recently commended True Survivor, after taking a group of young men from his parish, saying: "Nothing has had such a lasting impact on the boys of my parish; nothing has so dramatically transformed their vision of what it means to be a young Catholic man.”

Visit True Survivor's website or Facebook page to explore the course. You can also check out the video below to discover more of what True Survivor do: