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Journey of Faith - Matt van Duyvenbode

Matt vanDuyvenbode from the Bible Society came to lux.leap and spoke to us about what the journey of faith involves and requires of us. He referred to the things we need to be suitably prepared ...
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Many young people are often faced with huge decisions such as whether to go to college or do A-Levels? And what subjects to take? Whether to go to Uni or start working? And even what the best ...
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lux.teachings in East Hunsbury

I really enjoyed the Lux Teachings session. I was really interested to learn about suffering, because I was really intrigued as to why we suffer. I learnt so much about suffering and started to ...
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TTFYA Kettering: The Bible

On Saturday 16th November TTFYA was at St Edward’s Church, Kettering and the theme for the day was the Bible. The day started with cups of tea and us introducing ourselves by sharing our ...
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lux.home - residential weekend Winter 2014

Lux.home saw young people of secondary school age from across the diocese come together for a weekend of fun, games, roller disco and reconciliation, to reflect on the Church’s teachings on ...
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