In the life of a Priest: The Community of Slough

Attended the Slough Area Pastoral Council at Holy Family RC Church in Langley.  Two members from each Catholic Church in the Slough Pastoral Area come together every few months to discuss the needs of our Pastoral Area and share what we’re doing in each of our parishes.

In the life of a Priest: Lent Begins

Find out how Fr Andy prepares for Easter in Lent, including attempting to make pancakes with Fr

In the life of a Priest: Reconciliation

This week involved attended a “Diocesan Evangelisation Team” meeting in Northampton, popping in to lx.maiden and going for a pint.

In the life of a Priest: Christian Unity

This week was the week to pray for Christian Unity so in Burnham, various churches got together and arranged joint services at each church.

In the life of a Priest: Schools

Hosted at Our Lady of Peace Church the Schools Partnership Mass for the Slough Pastoral Area and attended a full governors meeting for the junior school.

In the life of a Priest: Back to reality

Back to the normal parish duties at Our Lady of Peace, Burnham. Typical days always include celebrating the parish Mass and praying the Divine Office (prayers of the Church priests promise to say over the course of each day, for the church and for the world).

In the life of a Priest: First week of 2013

Fr Andy from Burnham blogs for us about what life is like as a Parish Priest...

Fr Andy's Testimony

At lux.leap Fr Andy shared with us his powerful testimony about his call to the priesthood and the sacrifices and leaps of faith he took to respond to God’s call. You can watch his talk here - part one and part two. Thank you Fr Andy! 2011

Many young people are often faced with huge decisions such as whether to go to college or do A-Levels? And what subjects to take? Whether to go to Uni or start working? And even what the best career choice is? After making a decision, we ask ourselves whether we have made the right choice. More often than not, it is very difficult to discern what the right decision is, as it has a big impact on our lives.  We ask ourselves – ‘Should I please my parents?’ ‘Should I please my friends or should I just please myself?’ As a Christian, What does God want of me? ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO?!