Monday, February 11, 2013

In the life of a Priest: Reconciliation

Attended a “Diocesan Evangelisation Team” meeting in Northampton.  The Diocesan Evangelisation Team is made up of a number of Catholics (clergy and lay) from all over the Northampton Diocese, who come together to think and pray about how we might help the people of the parishes in our Diocese to go deeper into their faith, and be more outward looking and missionary.  One thing that we arrange every year is a Diocesan Evangelisation Day, in which people from all over the Diocese are invited to come and hear inspirational talks, and are equipped with techniques and resources with which to evangelise others in their parish, and invite them into a closer personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As I was already in that neck of the woods, I popped into the Northampton Youth Ministry Office’s (NYMO) “lux.maiden” weekend that they held at King’s Park Conference Centre in Northampton.  Lux residential weekends are run twice a year (January/February and June/July).  They are for young people of secondary school age to come together to learn more about their faith.  This particular weekend was about our relationship with Mary as Catholics.  Usually, during the weekend, there is an opportunity for those attending to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and so I helped out with that.  In reflecting upon this Sacrament, I explained that the focus is not so much on our sin (though it’s always important to be honest about this with the Lord in order that He may help us), but on God’s mercy and forgiveness.

On Sunday evening Fr Simon and I went for a pint with Rev Jim from the local Anglican Church in Burnham.  It’s always nice to spend a bit of time with fellow Christians talking about, and encouraging one another, in our faith journey with the Lord.