Thursday, October 3, 2013

TTFYA: Euthanasia

On Saturday, September 21st there was an assembly of enthusiastic, like-minded young adults in the Borlase Hall at St. Theresa’s Church in Beaconsfield, who were all eager to get into a hearty debate over the issue of Euthanasia and the Church’s teachings and view on the subject.

Fr. Francis began the day by leading us in prayer and reflecting over what the day ahead was going to hold for us; the theme of euthanasia, the difficult situations a Catholic can be placed in and the Church’s teachings surrounding each individual situation. Looking at 4 different scenarios was our first task of the day, with each group coming up with reasons as to why the Church may be supportive of that particular case and why the Church might be against it. It was hugely insightful as issues on a domestic scale were not only discussed but potentially implications nationally and internationally. However it was also hugely confusing with the arguments going round in circles at some points, as there is no right answer.

Following our group discussions, Fr. Francis offered the Catholic teaching and beliefs and applied them to each individual scenario. We discussed further the issue of when is the exact moment someone dies; is it when they are brain dead or when their organs shut down? We also learnt that in order to judge a situation and deal with it as an effective Catholic we should be weighing the positive and negative consequences of the action. The discussion of euthanasia was one which led us down many difficult roads of discussion, including the use of medicine; is its use playing God?

After a lovely lunch at Jungs, which was devoured by all, we returned to reflect individually on our thoughts on Euthanasia and all the issues surrounding it along with the presence of the Church’s teachings and moral values. Personally, I found the day eye-opening and enjoyed every second of becoming more grounded in my faith and its values.

The day was wrapped up by worshipping God together through songs and prayers – the perfect end to a wonderful day.

 -Caitlin, St Teresa’s, Beaconsfield