Thursday, June 20, 2013

What happened when a group of young adults gave up their sunny Saturday…

On Saturday 8th June a group of bright young things gathered in an upper room. Now given the surroundings were the crazy bear pub (if you’ve never been it’s worth going for a gawp!) it wasn’t quite the last supper. What it was however, was a great day filled with fun, faith, friends, and food. And those are four F’s that are certainly worth coming for.

Fr. Simon led us in reflection over the day regarding the theme of identity and all that it entails. What identity means in the dictionary (similarity -not at all expected!), what identity means to us, and what our identity is in God. Looking at all the words we associate with identity was the first job, helping to build a picture of all the preconceptions we might come with – Fr. Simon’s were particularly worrying with the first things that came to his mind being identity fraud and identity theft!

Using these ideas we turned to several Biblical stories such as that of the prodigal son, to see how God helps us understand our identity in Him. We learnt that our prayer life and building a relationship with him enables us to be ourselves as we were created to be – ‘be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect’ – perhaps easier said than done.

So we looked at some role models in the lives of the saints, and personally I found it pretty awe inspiring seeing what can be achieved when you discover your identity in Christ and your true vocation.

After a hearty summer picnic on the lovely green outside it was time to return for a final round of in depth thought. This time looking at the sacraments and how God uses these to bring us closer to him, bridging the gap that sin has made, and returning us to him as we were intended to be.

To wrap up we celebrated mass together – what better way to end a day?

-Ellie, Beaconsfield

Check out some snippets of the talk here:

Watch this space for information on our next TTFYAs – one in the North, one in the South in September!