Friday, December 6, 2013

TTFYA Kettering: The Bible

On Saturday 16th November TTFYA was at St Edward’s Church, Kettering and the theme for the day was the Bible.

The day started with cups of tea and us introducing ourselves by sharing our favourite Bible stories. After this important business, Pam (who kindly led the day with Lizi), set us the task of sorting out the books of the Bible into the Old and New Testament- but we were warned that there were a few trick ones thrown in!

We then watched a short video which summed up the Bible in 50 words. Next, Pam used us as characters and props (a special mention has to go to Luke Waller for his outstanding performance as a curtain) to re-enact the story of Yom Kippur in Leviticus. Once we understood the story, we read it aloud from the Bible and saw how it performing it meant we could understand it better, as it was a little confusing to read.

Lunchtime came next with a pub lunch, which gave us the chance to have a chat and relax.

When we went back to the Church hall, we were shown different resources and booklets to help us read the Bible regularly. You can download one of the booklets here.

Next Pam introduced to us the idea of praying with colour. We went round the group and each gave the name of somebody we wanted to pray for and the rest of us would write the name in colour and decorate it whilst praying.

We then tried different ways of reading the Bible. First we learnt about Lectio Divina, where we listen to the reading and reflect and pray on a word, phrase or idea that stands out at us.  We then did this listening and watching a video using the passage where Jesus talks to a Samaritan woman at the well (John 4).

Lastly, we read through the story of Jesus appearing to some of his Disciples by the Sea of Tiberias (John 21).  Pam used questions and her own words to get us to imagine ourselves as one of the people there and to try to experience the event as they may have done.

Looking at these different ways of reading the Bible gave us the opportunity to explore how we could read the Bible and we were encouraged to read it regularly!

The end of the day came all too quickly and after packing away it was time to say goodbye and head home after a fun and informative day!

- Aisling, Young Adult, St Aiden's, Northampton