Monday, August 6, 2012 2011


Last september we met for ''. Alexcia Ossei-Williams from Holy Redeemer, Slough writes:

Many young people are often faced with huge decisions such as whether to go to college or do A-Levels? And what subjects to take? Whether to go to Uni or start working? And even what the best career choice is? After making a decision, we ask ourselves whether we have made the right choice. More often than not, it is very difficult to discern what the right decision is, as it has a big impact on our lives.  We ask ourselves – ‘Should I please my parents?’ ‘Should I please my friends or should I just please myself?’ As a Christian, What does God want of me? ‘WHAT SHOULD I DO?!’

I happened to be asking myself some of these questions when I found out about This was a day on vocations, organised by the Northampton Youth Ministry Organisation and facilitated by Fr Christopher Jamison from TV’s ‘The Monastery’ and more recently, ‘The Big Silence’. The day was held in the beautiful surroundings of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Woburn Sands. I felt this would be a great opportunity to learn more of what God wants me to do and how to listen to him, in order to make some of the big decisions in  my life. I also thought if I learnt nothing at all, I could always say I have met ‘the’ Fr. Christopher from TV.

During the day, there were discussions on how we make the big decisions in our lives and why we make our decisions the way we make them. There were also workshops on discerning God’s call to priesthood, vocations for lay people and how to listen to God’s voice.

Thus, did I get answers and the help I was after? Well, first of all, I will briefly discuss some of the things reinforced to me, during the course of the day.
I learned that we all have different ways of making decisions, whether logically comparing pros and cons, asking our friends and families, and even through prayer. When making decisions we listen to many voices and try to discern the best for us.

The next question was: ‘Out of all these voices, how do I know what is right for me?’ Well, the answer is quite simple but not very easy. We must learn to make time for God in prayer and through reading the scriptures. Probably, this is easiest during Mass as we get a good dose of both. For how can we get to know him more and listen or understand him, if we do not spend any time with him?

Consequently, how did what I hear during the day help my understanding on what to do when choosing the next steps in my life? Well, to sum it all up, Fr Christopher said some things I found very striking: God has a plan for us all and we all have a call to baptism, a way of life and a type of work. Our choices should be rational as emotions can sometimes fade. And that whatever choices we make we should know, we have not made a mistake. ‘We share God's freedom as he made us’ and ‘we are not just an evolutionary thing’.

Besides, should we allow him, if we make the wrong choice, just like the satnav, he will reroute and recalculate and get us back on the right path. The route may be longer but we will get where he wants us to go, whether it be a way of life or career.

Now I know I don’t have to worry about my choices. I should just trust God and know whatever decision I make; something good will come out of it. Wow, what a great relief that is!

Click here to watch Fr Christopher Jamison's talk.