Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Using YouCat - Sanctuary 10th Nov

From start to finish the well attended Using YOUCAT Sanctuary day for anyone dealing with youngsters led by Neil and Beccy Roseman was 6 hours of pleasurable learning, fun and socialising with others around the diocese concerned with the faith journey of young people.

Beaconsfield’s St Theresa’s new and wonderful parish centre, Fr Francis’ cheerful support,  drinks and sweeties ‘on tap’ and  careful planning, all combined to give a warm welcome throughout the day ending with Fr Francis leading the Mass celebration.

Following a brief history of the Catechism in a variety of formats and with copies of YOUCAT in hand we learned how this book came to be, based on the adult Catechism of the Catholic Church in which Pope Benedict, in his time as Cardinal, had such a huge input. In Pope Benedict’s beautifully written introductory letter to his ‘dear young friends’ he talks about the need for young people to be more deeply rooted in the faith than their parents’ generation and how they can achieve that end.  So there is a real need for this Youth Catechism to help with young people’s formation.  Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if everyone aged 11 upwards had a copy which they could refer to!

We learned how to follow YOUCAT’s trendy format (easy for youngsters!) with photos, pin men and quotes from the bible, saints and famous people. With Beccy’s presentation including visuals and film of young people’s responses to YOUCAT we were all beginning to realise just what an amazing resource this is; a resource you can also have as an app on your mobile phone and something you can chat about on the web with other young Catholics.

The day didn’t stop with YOUCAT, there were more riches to come with activities from past Lux experiences like interactive prayer, creating advertisements and Apprentice, all ways that young people can explore and share issues of faith.  Lizi ably led us through the new Credo resource, thoughtfully and professionally produced by NYMO for this Year of Faith. For anybody working with young people this scripture based Credo series is attractively and clearly produced and easy to follow. It includes all sorts of interest to create and maintain focus, including reference to YOUCAT and any of the 22 sessions can be freely downloaded here.

Doubtless to say there was much hilarity when Neil introduced us to more icebreaker games, useful at so many youth gatherings …….and you would never remember them unless you tried them out yourself would you?

Me?…....... well I just love flicking through the pages of YOUCAT as the little stick man sets off on his journey of faith, running, jumping and somersaulting as he learns more and more about God’s amazing love……..…..and I have the free YOUCAT app on my mobile!

Thank you all for such a useful, enjoyable and reflective day.

- Rosemarie, Dunstable

For a PDF of the slideshow, click here.