Thursday, November 22, 2012

TTFYA - Generosity

The second in the series of days for young adults of Northampton Diocese; 'That Thing For Young Adults' took place on 17th November at the Old Moat House pub in Luton. Being just over the age bracket 18-25 I was warmly invited and looked forward to the day without really knowing what to expect. Greeted by a mixture of 'young adults' some journalists, quantity surveyors and media students to name a few, all with their own story but most importantly; a common faith in Christ and His church.

The day was led by Lizi Martin and the theme of the day was 'Generosity'. After a humorous ice breaker, refreshments and prayer; Lizi took the group through the theme of 'Generosity' exploring questions such as 'what does it mean to be generous?' Lizi described how she was stuck for reading material on generosity when her dad kindly suggested there is a book full of generosity called the 'Bible'. Scripture was at the heart of the day. We discussed about being generous with our time and the fact that we should invite God in to every area of our lives. We also reflected on being generous with our money, reminding ourselves that our money is God's money. We broke off into pairs and had to dramatise or mime a famous story from the Bible. Whilst being fun, this exercise taught me the richness of generosity that Our Lord showed and preached; not just material goods but generosity in spirit and giving time to others.

We had space to reflect on our own lives and honestly ask ourselves questions such as 'when were you last generous to God?' 'What might Jesus need to change about your attitude?' 'Is there someone you could be generous to despite feelings of hurt?'.

Another highlight of the day was the carvery lunch which was very good and great value. To wake us up after lunch and to recap the day we played our own version of 'Just a minute' which was entertaining. The afternoon moved to focus on God's generosity and we watched Nooma:Corner which was followed with some thought provoking discussions. We then challenged each other to be generous in some way over the coming weeks and finished the day with music and prayer.

I made many new friends and it helps to know that there are many other 'young adults' living the Catholic way of life in this often fast paced and secular society. Thank you to Lizi and Neil and all that contributed to this brilliant day.

-David, Northampton