Wednesday, January 1, 2014

27th January - St Angela Merici

Patron Saint of the ill and those who are disabled.

At the age of 15, St Angela began receiving graces from God telling her she would inspire women and their vocation. At the age of 56, while travelling to the Holy City on a pilgrimage she became blind. She continued on the pilgrimage, opening her heart to the Lord, and regained her sight on the way home. St Angela saw this as a message from God telling her to open her eyes more to her surroundings and serve God. The Pope asked her to lead a convent of nuns but she said no as knew God was calling her somewhere else. Having opened her eyes to her surroundings St Angela noticed the number of young girls who were uneduated, so she helped to bring together a group of nuns to rectify this and teach the young girls. These women had little money and no power, but were bound together by their dedication to education and commitment to Christ. Living in their own homes, they met for prayer and classes They were so successful in their service that Angela was asked to bring her innovative approach to education to other cities, and impressed many people, including the pope. She died in 1540, at about seventy years old.

Challenge: Help someone in need this month and open your heart to the will of God.