Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In the life of a Priest: The Community of Slough

Attended the Slough Area Pastoral Council at Holy Family RC Church in Langley.  Two members from each Catholic Church in the Slough Pastoral Area come together every few months to discuss the needs of our Pastoral Area and share what we’re doing in each of our parishes.  It’s basically a good way of keeping on touch with what’s going on in our neighbouring churches, and sharing ideas of how we might move forward as a community of faith.  The Area Pastoral Council also has the responsibility of putting into practice the recommendations made in the Pastoral Area Ground Plans that were devised as part of Bishop Peter’s Walking Humbly with our God programme.  The aim is that as a church, we are not just maintaining what we already have (maintenance), but that we are also outward-looking and “missionary”, and look at ways in which we can bring others in our surrounding neighbourhoods into an encounter with the Risen Christ.