Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Gift of Faith - lux.teachings, Bedford 30.01.13

At the end of January we gathered together at Holy Cross, Bedford for lux.teachings led by Fr Jonathan Hill about 'The Gift of Faith'.

He talked about the fact that the gift of faith is available to everyone, all we have to do is ask for it. When we receive the gift it is up to us to open it and use it, like Abraham 'our Father in faith' did. He spoke about the fact that sometimes using this gift involves making sacrifices, like in any relationship, but pointed out that sacrifices aren't always bad as they sometimes fulfill us, like with Abraham who was asked to sacrifice his son. We were reminded to trust in God, listen and be obedient to what he tells us, all illustrated in many stories in the Bible.

We finished the evening by offering things that we are worried about, to God. We did this by writing on a stone something to symbolise the worry then dropping it in the water. As we watched the writing wash off we were reminded that God will take care of that worry, all we have to do is have faith.

Thank you to all who came and to Fr Jonathan for having us!

Our next lux.teachings is on Friday 1st March in Buckingham about 'Family and Faith' - check out