Tuesday, March 5, 2013

lux.teachings in Buckingham

On Friday night we joined with Buckingham Youth Club for one of our lux.teachings evenings. This time we were reflecting on faith and family led by Fr Dan Kiely.

We began the evening with a couple of ice breakers and then watched the following clip to introduce the theme:


Fr Dan Kiely then gave his testimony about how he was called to the Priesthood and his family's involvement in that. It was great to have a chance to reflect on how our family impact our faith and how we might be able to impact our family in their faith.

We then had a session of question and answer time where a variety of interesting questions were answered, from what it was like to be a Priest to what Fr Dan thought about the situation with the Pope! We finished the evening by praying for our family, our Church family and our worldly family.

Thank you to Buckingham Youth Group and Fr Dan Kiely for having us!

Look out for our next lux.teachings on Friday 17th May in Beaconsfield...